Law practice is often viewed as a rigid discipline, linear thinking, or worse, “the big deal prevention department.”  Over more than three decades of practicing law in this field, I have developed a creative, can-do style.  Much of what I do is combined with consulting.

“We’ll find a way if there is one”, I tell my clients.  Or in later years as I have taken over problem cases that did not go as planned, I have come to say, “We’ll find a way out, if there is one.”

Always maintaining a flexible attitude, I work very closely with my individual, nonprofit, financial professional or “vendor-to-the-charitable-market” client.  I have enjoyed the variety that has allowed me to develop an incredible expertise in Philanthropic Planning.



The Life of a Nonprofit

Creation, merger and dissolution of:

  • public charities
  • support organizations
  • private foundations

Assistance in developing the board of directors and educating them

Development of mission and vision statements

Tax exemptions from IRS and FTB, and maintaining exempt status

Governance issues

Board and committee job descriptions, purpose and fiduciary duty

Officers duties, tenures, liabilities

Board training as to fiduciary liabilities

Operational issues

Creation of endowment funds and donor advised funds along with systems, documentation and asset protection for these funds

Coordination of accounting standards with and application of nonprofit law and Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UMIFA) for smooth operation and reporting

Unrelated business income, self dealing and other excise tax issues

Trust and other gifted funds “after-the-gift”administration issues that inevitably pop up


Gift structuring and negotiating with donors and their advisors

Trust drafting and implementation of asset transfers (where most of the problems crop up)

Complex business or family succession plans using savvy philanthropic tools

Trustee issues and trust administration questions, including compliance and qualification

Policies and procedures that are solely designed for the organization in question, not canned or plagiarized!



Behind the scenes assistance for attorneys and other financial professionals working with client philanthropic plans where the advisor needs help in design or complex asset transfer

Second opinions regarding the planning or operation of charitable vehicles

Expert testimony on charitable giving techniques, charitable trusts, endowments and donor advised funds, fiduciary duties of board members and trustees



Strategic wealth planning, design of plans, assistance to family in planning and understanding their options for all types of strategies, second opinions when needed

Creation of private foundations and support organizations

Design and drafting of charitable remainder and lead trusts

Terminating charitable remainder and lead trusts, splitting them, merging them