In my 37 years I have discovered some timeless truths. Taxes and laws may change, but the principles of major gift and endowment fundraising and funds administration do not.

  • Nonprofits large and small need the stability of SUBSTANTIAL ENDOWMENT
  • Most endowment gifts come through PLANNED GIVING AND PRINCIPAL GIFTS
  •  Endowment gifts do not just fall from trees—they take long-term relationships of “know, like and trust” plus proper planning for GUARANTEED SUCCESS
  • But it won’t happen if you’re not a DYNAMIC MARKETER with a solid plan of implementation
  • And yet it still won’t reach its ultimate success without your DIRECTORS AND MANAGEMENT fully on board with you all the way
  • The FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS in your community—whether that is a geographic community or a “community of interest”—must find your program and your organization credible, and must respect and support you in your efforts
  • The PHILANTHROPIC HEART OF YOUR DONORS can really open wide with the right approach combining love, care and honor with finances, recognition and reward

Success beyond compare is really attainable!  And it’s not hard to do.  It simply requires understanding a consistent and methodical approach that has been proven to work, and by the way, is fun to implement.

Allow me to share the wisdom and insights I have gathered over the years with you, your board and management, the collaborative professionals in your community, and most of all, your donors and prospects.

During these years, I have also represented many individuals and families in their wealth succession planning, most of whom have become interested in developing PHILNATHROPIC PLANS.

While they come from all walks of life and hold all sorts of assets, common and strange, many of my clients own REAL ESTATE OR CLOSELY-HELD BUSINESSES.

They all learn the SEVEN SECRETS OF ESTATE TAX PLANNING and how to weave techniques into the rich fabric of an integrated plan.  The results multiply the benefits for both family and charity.